Beyond Undermountain

Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins!

Chapter 1:
The Adventure Begins!

The Yawning Portal

Drawn by the promise of adventure or friends in peril, our adventurers find themselves at the Yawning Portal Inn. In the wake of Halaster’s Call adventuring groups are being thrown together – after all, there is relative safety in numbers!

The latest group placed together by Durnan includes:

  • Ra’kas Valovich – A newly empowered Half-Elf Sorcerer and former criminal.
  • Lirael Ashrar – A wandering Wood Elf Cleric of Selune who recently lost her adopted father.
  • Onyx Brimstone – A Dwarf Smith Sergeant in Waterdeep to track down an old friend.
  • Malaggar Tuin – An outcast assassin seeking a new life in Waterdeep.

Four answered the call, and as their departure drew near the group was approached by a bard, Ellithral the Golden who arranges a meeting with a third party in the Hall of Many Pillars in Undermountain. After buying Ellithral a drink, he divulges the name of his contact “Errya”.

The group pays Durnan their dues and are lowered into Undermountain to start their adventure…

The Entryway

The last echoes of the crowd’s toasts and betting whisper about you as you descend into the well. As the flickering light from the torches above fades, a chill overtakes you, and you find yourself still sinking with no end in sight. You drop slowly and steadily deeper on the rope, almost as if you were the bait on an unweighted fishing line in placid waters, but the cold and the quiet of the well that surrounds you is anything but peaceful. The silence has more of a threatening quality to it.

After being lowered for what seems like too long a time, you at last see the bottom. Below you stretches sand-covered ground and whatever fate awaits you in Undermountain.

Several inches of sand covers the floor of this roughly square room. Broken and dented shields hang on stone walls covered with chalk and charcoal graffiti. The ceiling looms a mere 10 feet above you – as it does in the hallway that leads out of the room to the south – but a 30-foot-diameter hole in the ceiling forms a chimney that rises up over a hundred feet.

The walls of the entryway were scrawled with graffiti, an exhaustive search of the area reveals a trail of dried slime leading to a secret door, but the door is barred from the other side and despite the considerable efforts of Onyx to break it down the door holds fast.

Goblin Guardpost

Moving through a corridor, your searches reveal a secret door with a pulley-operated latch stone. Upon opening the door, an alarm trap made of a bag of bones attached to the pulley clatters to the floor. Nothing rushes at you from the darkness… advancing in battle formation you enter the room.

A swarm of small humanoids with flat faces, broad noses, and pointed ears emerge from the shadows. They brandish weapons and scream in anger as they charge toward you.

One goblin appears more confident and capable than the others, wearing better armour and wielding a longsword rather than a morningstar. He orders the others around with harsh, short phrases in the goblin tongue, and suddenly the group moves with purpose as it spreads out around you.

The sound of the alarm trap being set off gave the Goblins inside time to get ready – but the night vision of the group prevented them from being caught off guard and a fight breaks out, however they are no match for this group of adventurers and with their only means of escape barred, they are slain.

Hall of Many Pillars

Broad steps lead up into an irregularly shaped room filled with a forest of twelve thick granite pillars. The vertebrae of some large beast lie scattered about the floor in a haphazard fashion. There are three other sets of broad stairs and exits, one for each compass point. Otherwise, the room appears empty. On the south-eastern diagonal wall someone has written “Certain death this way!” with an arrow pointing at the southern exit. On the north-western diagonal wall someone else has written “Even worse this way!” with an arrow pointing to the northern exit. Unlike in much of the rest of the dungeon, the ceiling in this room appears to be about 12 feet tall.

After investigating the part moves towards the northern steps…

A petite human female with alabaster skin, emerald green eyes, and a head crowned with ringlets the colour of flame, stands at the bottom of the northern steps. She wears an exquisite russet gown and a supremely haughty, sneering expression.

Directly in front of her, two muscular, savage, seven-foot-tall humanoids stand menacingly. They watch you with undisguised hatred and loathing. Coarse hair covers their bodies, and they carry morningstars.

Her Bugbear guards do not attack, and wisely the party addresses the woman, enquiring if she is Errya. Relations thaw and after a short exchange the party purchases a map of this level of Undermountain. Errya walks into the room and leaves towards the Entryway.

Satisfied with their purchase, Malaggar makes to leave via the southern exit, marked on the map as truncating against a vast chasm.

In the blink of an eye, one of the stone pillars becomes a silk-draped, beautiful female figure wielding a bastard sword.

The figure seems intent on Malaggar and ignores the rest of the party. Errya is nowhere to be seen, it seems likely she knew of the danger and has fled. Worried by this the party urges Malaggar to flee. He darts back into the room and as he crosses the threshold, the statues lowers its sword and returns to its position before reverting to a pillar.

It seems likely the pillar guards the northern and southern exits of the room against trespassers. Exiting to the west – the pillar remains in-situ and the party can continue.

Hall of Shattered Mirrors / Mimic’s Larder

This long hall is littered with shards of glass. It stretches into the darkness. Five-foot-deep alcoves are set into the walls on either side at five-foot intervals. Large, empty wooden frames hang in each niche, with bits of shattered mirror clinging to their inside edges like broken teeth in gaping mouths. The frames bear ornate carvings of ghoulish faces and demonic forms.

As you pass down the hall, you note that the frame hanging in each alcove appears to be unique. One is carved with daisy flowers, another with roses, and still another with the feathers of some bird. Two unbroken mirrors hang just ahead on your right and left. Mirrors like these two are clearly the source of the glass covering the floor.

A clear mirror framed with wooden carvings of dolphins and fish hangs in a niche on the north side of the wall, and a cloudy mirror with ghoulish faces hangs over a flat section of wall where it seems a niche would normally be.

Onyx moves to investigate the dolphin and fish trimmed mirror and gazes at his reflection…

Suddenly, your reflection shimmers, and another form appears in the depths of the mirror. A skeletal warrior rises toward the surface of the mirror, drawing a sword and lunging to strike you.

Then backs away towards the cloudy mirror…

The cloudy mirror with the carvings of ghoulish faces doesn’t look right. The surface of the mirror appears rough rather than smooth, and a similar roughness appears on the wall behind it. As you watch, you think you see a slight movement in the wall and the mirror hanging on it. It’s an almost imperceptibly slow pulse or sway. Lashing pseudo-pods emerge from the cloudy mirror, reaching toward you.

A mimic disguising itself as the mirror lashes out and it’s initial surge of motion knocks both Lirael and Malaggar unconscious. Battle continues, the Mimic seems to be defending the bodies of the unconscious party members and as it begins to take damage from Onyx’s plethora of weapons hitting home (and becoming stuck to the Mimic immediately afterwards)… it cries out “Wait!!”. It tries to negotiate for the bodies, saying it will leave the rest of the party alone if it can take the two it has claimed as food with it. Onyx negotiates while Ra’kas readies a spell. As negotiations break down, Rak’as unleashes his spell and the mimic falls down dead.

The party investigates nearby rooms and finds a stash of treasure (along with the replaced mirror) and come digested corpses nearby in the mimic’s larder.

The Chasm

Black Water

Curtain of Darkness

The Hungry Face

The Mysterious Gate

Chokers in the Dark

Webs in the Well

The Falling Stair / The Horned Ring

The Library

The Ambush


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