Ellithral the Golden

Male Half-Elf Bard


Ellithral is well known for his honeyed voice and repertoire of tales. He earned his sobriquet both for his heritage and his charm. The half-elf has long made a living in the taproom of the Yawning Portal Inn, selling adventurers half-baked truths and wishful rumours for small amounts of coin. Ellithral is quick to buy a drink for any individuals who exit the well alive, offering them a much-needed libation in exchange for an immediate recounting of their tale.

Durnan has long tolerated Ellithral’s presence, for the credulous half-elf has proven himself relatively harmless, although his willingness to purchase and sell wild tales only adds to the amount of misinformation swirling about the tavern.

Recently, Ellithral has been arranging meetings between adventuring parties and a mysterious third party in the Undermountain, with promises of accurate maps for minimal coin.

Ellithral the Golden

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