Durnan the Wanderer

Human Male Fighter


Durnan is a gruff, square-jawed, burly man, close-mouthed and prudent. His shoulder-length russet hair is greying, his eyes are icy blue, and he looks physically strong and ready for battle. He is confident and alert, and he usually wears a leather jerkin, breeches, and boots, with a cotton shirt.

Durnan hates unfairness and injustice. He is tolerant of the differing interests of others – at least until they unsheath a weapon in his inn. At the first sign of trouble, he draws his longsword. He keeps a dagger sheathed up one sleeve, another in his boot, and always has at least one concealed magic weapon on his person. Plus, tankards make great thrown weapons, and he knows where the double crossbow and handaxe wait behind the bar.

Durnan conceals his emotions well, is slow to lose his temper, and knows how to handle rowdy or threatening adventurers. Durnan, a retired fighter, spent his youth wandering and battling monsters. He eventually took on the challenge of Undermountain and survived to return. Durnan used the riches he earned exploring Undermountain to build the Yawning Portal Inn. As overseer of the primary route into Undermountain, Durnan gets involved in many schemes and crises.

Durnan the Wanderer

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